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Postgres Admin On The Web
By Workflow Products

What's it made of? C, HTML, JS, CSS C??? Is it secure and memory checked? Our C conforms to security standards and validates through valgrind perfectly (whick is better than libPQ). Where can I use it? Phone, table, desktop. How's it better than X? PGadmin: Better SQL generation. Postico: It does more than work with tables and views. PHPmyAdmin: It doesn't use insecure PHP. MS SQL Server Management Studio: It's accessible through a web browser. Why should I convert? Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a change to the database but you were away from your workstation? Just imagine you're at the zoo with your wife and your two year old daughter and you get a panicked call on your cell phone (because your a modern human being right?) telling you that a report you made wasn't calculating correctly